Welcome to our Women Inspirational Poetry Contest!

We receive poetry submissions from the United States and Canada. Submit your poetry through our submission form.

1st Place Winner receives $300 US (Est. $438 CDN)! Submit original and unpublished English poems.

Submit four original and unpublished English poems for the low cost of $19USD!


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  • “When the Women Inspirational Poetry Contest reached out to let me know I’d won both First and Second Prize in their 2016 contest, I was in such a state of shock that I had a hard time believing the honor was real. Now, I can say only that I’m humbled and grateful.”

    Ellen Black

Previous Winners of WIPC

  • 2016

    1st place: “Of Youth and War”
    by Ellen Black (US)

    2nd Place: “I Go Back to Work for My Purse”
    by Ellen Black (US)

    3rd Place: “He can break your heart for $30 at the Nordegg general store”
    by Renée Francoeur (CAN)

  • 2011

    1st place: “Capsules”
    by Hadassh Broscova (US)

    2nd Place: “Flirt”
    by J. Alexanderson (US)

    3rd Place: “That Is To Say”
    by Hadassh Broscova (US)

  • 2010

    1st Place: “Upon a Wing and a Smile”
    by Lynda Anaya (US)

    2nd Place: “Sister Moon”
    by Alison Clarke (CAN)

    3rd Place: “Cisterns of Love”
    by Kimberlee Edgecom (US)

  • 2009

    1st Place: “One Of Us”
    by Alison Clarke (CAN)

    2nd Place: “The Big Bad Woolf”
    by G. Arntt (US)

    3rd Place: “First Lady”
    by Susan Martin (US)