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How to submit online

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Online poetry submission process is simple.

1. Submit your poems through email at [email protected] (We provide email confirmation on all poetry submissions.)

Please include your contact information (name, address, email and number.)

2. Select your submission fee.

Submission fee options

$8.00 US 1-2 poem submission. (Est. $11 CDN)

$15.00 US 3 poem submission. (Est. $20 CDN)

$19.00 US 4 poem submission. (Est. $26 CDN)

3. Make your secure payment easy and fast through Paypal (accepts major credit cards).

Poem Submission Fees


  • admin says:

    Thanks Annette Lebox for contacting us with your inquiries.

    All submissions are submitted through our submission form. The submission form is located on our website, http://www.wipconline.com. You can locate the exact location in our “how to submit” section. Just click on the “here” link to receive the submission form and then submit your poetry. Yes, our contest is blind judging. Most writers write their names at the top of the page. You can submit your poems with your name included or without. Judging is completely blind. Also, our submission form identifies which poems you have submitted so if your poems do not have your name on it, upon selection, we can determine who the author is. No coverletter is needed, however during the time of interview, winners will be asked to provide additional information about their writing experience/coverletter. The deadline for our women poetry contest is April 12, 2018. Happy submitting!


    Wipc Staff

  • Where are your guidelines for the 2018 Women’s Poetry contest? Should the poems be submitted in one document or submitted sone by one. Should the writer’s name be at the top of each page or is the judging blind? Cover letter or not? When is the deadline for the 2018 contest? Maybe you’ve posted this information somewhere but I couldn’t locate it. Thank you. Annette LeBox

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