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1. How many years have you been in business? We have been publishing and rewarding women writers for 6 years.

2. Where are the previous winners located? A list of the previous winners are located on our homepage.

3. Do you own the rights to my poetry? No, we acquire first time rights only. After that the poem’s rights goes back to you.

4. Do you have specific topics that you expect the contestants to write about? Inspiration is your interpretation. One writer can find relief by sharing a horrible experience, while another writer can find inspiration in describing a historical experience.

5. Can I submit multiple times? Yes.

6. Do you accept poetry in different languages? We accept original and unpublished English poems.

7. Did you receive my submission? If your submission is incomplete we will contact you. If you are experiencing difficulties with your submission, then contact us and we will provide you with another method to submit.

8. How can I pay you? Submissions fees are securely paid online through paypal.

9. When is the deadline? April 12, 2018.

10. When are winners announced? Winners are announced on our website (within the same year) and will be shared on our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

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