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  • Honouring the beauty that is the Clinic Vest Project

    I want to pay tribute today. As anyone who knows me knows, I am one of those allegedly “frightening,” crazy people who believe in all women having complete autonomy over their lives and especially their bodies. Yeah, real...

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  • Misogynoir – Redux

    Hey, everyone - I'm on vacation. I had planned to write a new blog, but it's been a strange week. It started with the death of my father. As many of you know, he was not a nice man, but it's created a strange around my vacation,...

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  • Bodacious and Rebellious Broads – Gale Anne Hurd

    This month, we continue my Bodacious and Rebellious Broads series with a focus on Gale Anne Hurd, an American film producer. Like other women breaking with tradition in various aspects of life and work, Hurd has done so by...

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  • Big Little Lies a big deal

    I was going to spare you another TV show blog post tonight. I really was. I was all fired up by the abominable brainlessness of a pro-life group’s presentation at a Catholic school in a city I once lived in. Additionally, I...

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