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We receive poetry submissions from the United States and Canada. Submit your poetry through our submission form.

1st Place Winner receives $300 US (Est. $438 CDN)! Submit original and unpublished English poems.

Submit four original and unpublished English poems for the low cost of $19USD!

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WIPC: Our site features a Women’s Poetry Contest that is aimed at celebrating the 1st place winner with a poetry book contract. Our also site includes posts by women bloggers, discussing issues that affect women, such as discrimination, employment, and abuse. We also highlight positive people, entertainment and current events that empower and influence women. 

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  • “When the Women Inspirational Poetry Contest reached out to let me know I’d won both First and Second Prize in their 2016 contest, I was in such a state of shock that I had a hard time believing the honor was real. Now, I can say only that I’m humbled and grateful.”

    Ellen Black

Previous Winners of WIPC

  • 2016

    1st place: “Of Youth and War”
    by Ellen Black (US)

    2nd Place: “I Go Back to Work for My Purse”
    by Ellen Black (US)

    3rd Place: “He can break your heart for $30 at the Nordegg general store”
    by Renée Francoeur (CAN)

  • 2011

    1st place: “Capsules”
    by Hadassh Broscova (US)

    2nd Place: “Flirt”
    by J. Alexanderson (US)

    3rd Place: “That Is To Say”
    by Hadassh Broscova (US)

  • 2010

    1st Place: “Upon a Wing and a Smile”
    by Lynda Anaya (US)

    2nd Place: “Sister Moon”
    by Alison Clarke (CAN)

    3rd Place: “Cisterns of Love”
    by Kimberlee Edgecom (US)

  • 2009

    1st Place: “One Of Us”
    by Alison Clarke (CAN)

    2nd Place: “The Big Bad Woolf”
    by G. Arntt (US)

    3rd Place: “First Lady”
    by Susan Martin (US)