Welcome to our Women Poetry Contest!

We receive poetry submissions from the United States, Canada, Netherlands and Nigeria. Submit your poetry through our submission form.

1st Place Winner receives $135US (Est. $175CDN)! Submit original and unpublished English poems.

Submit 1-2 original and unpublished English poems for the low cost of $6USD!

6th Women Inspirational Poetry Contest

Judges Oneal Walters (Author & Founder) and WIPC Editors

Submit in English, original and unpublished poems in any form to our Women’s Poetry Contest through our submission form that is located here. You can submit a coverletter if you have one. You can attach your name on the submission however our contest is blind judging. Winners will be notified in June 2018 by Oneal Walters; their names and their poems will be published on www.wipconline.com. All poems remain the property of the writer.

We received US submissions from Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Los Angeles, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Texas.

We received Canadian submissions from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. 

We received submissions from Netherlands and Nigeria.

We welcome worldwide submissions.


1st Place Winner receives $135 US (Est. $180 CDN)

2nd Place Winner receives $81 US (Est. $108 CDN)

3rd Place Winner receives $9 US (Est. $12 CDN)

All winners will receive an interview with Oneal Walters (Author and Founder).

Also, all winning poems will be published online at www.wipconline.com

Previous winners have been interviewed on The Boss Lady Chronicles radio show. 

Think you have what it takes to win? Submit your poems today. 

Helping women writers be seen, read and published.

Submission fees

$6.00 US 1 poem submission.

$17.00 US 3 poem submission.

$22.00 US 4 poem submission.

Deadline: April 12, 2018

How to submit?

Submit your poems online through our submission form, here.

Pay your submission fee(s) online securely with Paypal.

WIPC will confirm your submission has been received.

Poem Submission Fees

Previous winners resided in the United States and Canada.
Check out the winning poems from the 2017 Women Inspirational Poetry Contest!

1st place: “Stolen Innocence” by Melodi Gawryletz (Can)

2nd Place: “Live and Learn” by Poetic Daisy (US)

3rd Place: “If I Were To Write As Someone Else” by Emily Vieweg (US)


  • “I was truly thrilled to hear that these words had resonated with Oneal and the contest editors, especially because of the disturbing content. I strongly believe that one of the purposes of the artist, musician, and writer is to speak to issues we collectively face. Thank you WIPC for providing this platform for us to share our creative expressions!”

    Melodi Gawryletz

Previous Winners of WIPC

  • 2017

    1st place: “Stolen Innocence”
    by Melodi Gawryletz (CAN)

    2nd Place: “Live and Learn”
    by Poetic Daisy (US)

    3rd Place: “If I Were To Write As Someone Else”
    by Emily Vieweg (US)

  • 2016

    1st place: “Of Youth and War”
    by Ellen Black (US)

    2nd Place: “I Go Back to Work for My Purse”
    by Ellen Black (US)

    3rd Place: “He can break your heart for $30 at the Nordegg general store”
    by Renée Francoeur (CAN)

  • 2011

    1st place: “Capsules”
    by Hadassh Broscova (US)

    2nd Place: “Flirt”
    by J. Alexanderson (US)

    3rd Place: “That Is To Say”
    by Hadassh Broscova (US)

  • 2010

    1st Place: “Upon a Wing and a Smile”
    by Lynda Anaya (US)

    2nd Place: “Sister Moon”
    by Alison Clarke (CAN)

    3rd Place: “Cisterns of Love”
    by Kimberlee Edgecom (US)

  • 2009

    1st Place: “One Of Us”
    by Alison Clarke (CAN)

    2nd Place: “The Big Bad Woolf”
    by G. Arntt (US)

    3rd Place: “First Lady”
    by Susan Martin (US)